Benjamin Salzberg

3503 Overbrook Road · Baltimore County, MD 21208 · (443) 691-9151 · [email protected]

I am a graduate of the undergraduate computer science program at the University of Maryland College Park. I greatly enjoy developing software tools to solve interesting problems in the world. I enjoy working with people who are as passionate as I am about solving these issues. In my free time I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy novels. I also enjoy playing narrative driven games. I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day.


Software developer

Ouluxx Inc.

I am the software developer for the startup Ouluxx Inc. I have been involved in creating a user authorization system, both using OAUTH from Google and Facebook, as well as username password logins using the passportJS nodeJS library. I have also created a noSQL database using mongoDB and mongoose. Furthurmore, I have been using cloud computing through the Google Firebase service to create a several chat rooms, as well as performing communication for setting up video chat and screensharing using webRTC.

The Website

May 2020 - Now

Interim IT Manager for Research Program

Johns Hopkins Hospital system

I helped to ensure that the research being done by the hematology department was fully functional and streamlined. I ensured patients got surveys on time and doctors were prepared for each clinic encounter. I also developed new tools to streamline the process further.

The Johns Hopkins Benign Hematology Website

Summer 2019

Database Developer

Johns Hopkins Sickle Cell Infusion Center

I created a new local database that sanitized data inputs to allow for viable data reading with great improvements over the older method. I ensured the proper functionality of the database and that there was a simple workflow for the nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who would make use of it.

The Sickle Cell Infusion Center Website

Summer 2018


Harbor labs

As advancing and developing cyber security tools is important, I learned several concepts pertaining to cybersecurity and developed tools to encrypt systems while I interned there for school credit.

The Harbor Labs Website

Spring 2017


University of Maryland College Park

Bachelor of Science
Major in Computer Science
Minor in Mathematics
Specialization in Cyber Security

GPA: 3.08

August 2017 - May 2021


This is a program I developed, based on the Wilson Reading System, as a tool to assist special needs students in learning the alphabet. Each letter and many combinations are represented, this allows for the spelling of words and phrases, teaching students how to pronounce words and understand the alphabet.
A special education teacher discussed with me the issues she had using the Wilson Reading System, which is only available as a physical product. The Wilson Reading System is used to help students learn to read, but pieces are often lost, which requires repurchasing the package. The teacher asked if it was possible to replicate the system as a computer program.





Apart from being a software developer, I enjoy spending time reading, playing both video games and board games and hiking. I enjoy games that challenge the mind or contain intriguing stories. I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction literature; the best way to end the week is with a good book.